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What began as a practice for healing quickly exploded to an omnipresent platform of endless business opportunities

Lance Essihos, CEO, took to podcasting as a way to share his story and heal from personal trauma. As he shared more of his vision for the world, he quickly grew a network of like minded people to support his growth and partner in a number of ventures.

We do the same for others

Your time is limited, but the potential is limitless. We pride ourselves on creating a framework that caters to your busy schedule while still optimizing and accelerating your personal brand.
Our Values
  • Abundance
  • Free Thinking
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Human Connection
  • Personal Transformation
Our Specialties
  • Audio Engineering
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customer Support
  • Video Editing
  • Sound Design
Our Network
  • New York Times Bestsellers
  • Pro Athletes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Doctors
  • Common Heroes
Our Promises
  • Ease
  • Efficiency
  • Testing for Optimization
  • Personal Transformation
  • Excellence

We help you amplify your brand with heart centered conversations and soul aligned partnerships through Podcasting, recognize these legends?

Networking is Evolving

People care about the person behind the brand,

Our mission is to leverage your coffee chat conversations into captivating content that adds visibility and trust to your brand, value to your network, and peace of mind to your workflow.


You currently have a podcast but you or your team are tired of the workload booking guests, editing, creating shownotes, creating content for social media, and staying consistent. You love interviewing people and building relationships but you really don’t want to deal with all the work and BS that it takes. Or you may not being seeing the growth you want and want to up your marketing game


You never started a podcast because you haven’t had the time, don’t have the equipment, not sure how it works, and people around have told you the market is saturated or it’s a waste of time...who knows if you'll reach anyone.. Or maybe you just didn’t know where to start? And so you don't see the ventures ahead.


You once HAD a podcast, but for whatever reason it fell through the cracks. You underestimated the amount of work it takes, didn’t really have a long term game plan and couldn’t keep up with the flow of guests , and when push came to shove the podcast was the first to go because you didn’t see the results or ROI you expected


Our Podcast Plans are a completely Done For You service front to end with video and audio. We will help you grow a powerful and trustworthy personal brand by launching, maintaining and scaling your podcast.

You just need to show up and have a conversation.


Podcast Launch Plans



We review:
– Your location set up, equipment, and your style as a podcaster
– Your brand, message, and desired goals
– Your recording schedule so that your content is always published on time

Set Up Accounts
– Podcast Host
– Podcast Website (Worpress plugin) with embed player
– Set up our Publishing team with access to your social media accounts
– Facebook Page, Instagram, LinkedIn

Coaching & Guidance
Coaching on equipment to use, set up, tips on reducing background noise, and more

Professional Licensed Soundtrack

Graphic Design Templates
– Podcast cover
– Audiogram
– Social media templates (promotional)
– Video Highlight reels

Promotional Pre-launch Seasoning Episodes
*This will publish 1 week before the launch date

Premier Introduction Trailer
1 Audio & 1 Video (up to 5 minutes)

Seasoning Episodes
4 Audio (up to 60 minutes)

Highlight Reels
4  Published to your social media

Podcast Takeover Plan


Podcast Audit
Your dedicated Production Manager & Editor will conduct a complete audit of your assets and/or published content

We review
– Your location set up, equipment, and your style as a podcaster
– Your brand, message, and desired goals
– Discuss strategies to help you with exposure and audience reach
* If your podcast is published on YouTube, we will review your channel
and discuss a plan to improve your presence and reach to increase

If you’re not on YouTube
We will discuss the option to curate your past episodes to this channel and get you up to date
(custom quote to curate & update)

Review your recording schedule so that your content is always
published on time

Review & Set Up Accounts
Our Publishing team will verify that you are listed on all of the top host platforms
We will ensure you have a dedicated Podcast Website (WordPress plugin)
with embed player integrated with Captivate

* If you prefer to stay with your current hosting provider, we will work
with you to set up our Publisher with access to the account

Set up our Publishing team with access to your social media accounts
Artwork Review

Our team will confirm that you have the following assets needed depending on the subscription you select.
Podcast cover, Audiogram, Video Highlight reels
YouTube Channel: Thumbnail, Transition piece, End card

We offer complete Production, Guest Booking and Marketing.

Through our partnerships and extensive network, we can confidently provide these services at a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else.

Our promise in this partnership is to strategically accelerate your brand awareness to reach high achievers based on mission, vision, and values. We make sure you are connecting with individuals who will drive great conversation and compliment your message.

Our Previous Guests Include

  • Pro Athletes

  • Business Legends

  • Spiritual healers

  • Award Winning Entrepreneurs

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