Pick My Brain & How to Capitalize On The New Economy w/Maxine Cunningham EP 265

Returning guest Maxine Cunningham joins Lance again to pick listeners’ brains!

Maxine helps smart and ambitious people from all around the world creatively package, price, and sell knowledge they already have. Using new and creative ways on your own independent terms, Maxine created a tool she built called Pick My Brain. Maxine’s mission is to onboard the world’s brains and make them move creatively available, accessible, and useful to society. Her vision is to make it as easy to buy knowledge from someone as it is to buy a product online.


  • [00:05:16] Compounding Relationships and Why You Should Invest In Connections
  • [00:12:21] Cleaning Up Our Act And Plastic’s Damage On The Environment
  • [00:15:51] Motivate Good Behaviour and Setting Conversational Goals
  • [00:27:01] PickMyBrain & Why It Stands Out From The Others
  • [00:53:39] Monetary Value of Human Connection 


Maxine answers, “As I get older, I realize that the constant desire to evolve who you are is the most precious characteristic in a person.”

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