How To Manifest Your Dream Life w/Jen Gottlieb EP 269

Lance sits with the chief mindset officer of Super Connector Media, Jen Gottlieb. After a 14-season run as a co-host on VH1 and a starring role in a Broadway national tour, Jen Gottlieb co-founded Super Connector Media. Jen combines her passion for giving back with her mindset coaching to help industry leaders gain the confidence and knowledge to get into the mainstream media, or on the stage of that major event — giving them the authority and social proof to place them at the top of the industry.


  • [00:10:54] Imposter Syndrome and Fear
  • [00:14:21] People are People and We’re All Human
  • [00:27:04] Deciding What Kind Of World We Live In
  • [00:31:46] Jen’s Background in Broadway and Law of Attraction
  • [00:44:30] Manifesting and Necessary Adversity


Jen answers, “It is always for our good and in hindsight, our adversity makes us more grateful for what we have.”

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