Mastering Your Ego Through Shadow Work w/Alex Nelson EP 317

Alex returns for the second time to the University of Adversity, talking about mastering the ego, shadow work and personal growth through healing. Alex Nelson, born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an entrepreneur, life transformation coach, retreat facilitator, and the host of the Through The Veil podcast. After selling his asphalt business in early 2017, he embarked upon a journey that led him through various corporate management jobs, finally landing in my current role as a full time personal coach and transformational experience specialist. He spent the last 7 years working closely with coaching clients, after being cured of alcoholism himself. Alex specialises in ceremonial work, healing retreats and plant medicine experiences. 


  • 03:42 The transformation in Alex’s medicine journey 
  • 06:45 Why plant medicine as Alex’s preferred choice
  • 10:35 What is the ego and how it serves us
  • 23:29 The process and power of shadow work
  • 29:15 How to know when we are healed and ready for a relationship
  • 50:50 Alex’s journey to Ecuador
  • 1:25:57 Understanding visions and learning how to navigate their meaning


Alex says, “The ego is like a team of horses that drives the carriage of your mind. Whether those horses are wild or trained will determine how it drives you.”

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