Reality TV Celebrity Rediscovers Her True Self w/Kelly Chase EP 329

Kelly Chase is a star on Love Is Blind on Netflix and a Business & Mindset Coach. She is on a mission, through vulnerability and raw storytelling, to inspire, motivate, and empower women to create the life they crave. Kelly combines business strategy and mindset coaching to help female entrepreneurs overcome burnout, reconnect to self and master their self worth. She has been through her own journey of challenges from weight gain/loss and body image, to being $30K in debt and manifesting the money to pay it off in under two years, to not honoring her boundaries when it came to love & relationships, losing herself, and rediscovering who she was again. Furthermore from burnout and anxiety to once and for all resigning from the “9-5” world. She has been practicing this for a few years and some of her own deep rooted stories and behaviors have caused conflict with her own mantra.


  • 08:07 How Kelly ended up on Netflix’ Love Is Blind
  • 19:24 Creative questions to ask to get to know someone
  • 24:23 The biggest challenges as a Reality TV star
  • 35:48 Can you really fall in love in six weeks?
  • 47:27 The demands of being an influencer in a cancel culture


Kelly says, “Let go of what is no longer serving you to create space for new, for peace, happiness and joy.”

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