104. L.T. Bourne – A Mentorship on Becoming an Inspiration to Others

In this episode, Lance and L.T. Bourne talked about the importance of having a father figure in our lives and how big the change was when he received a mentorship from his best friend’s father. L.T also talked about mentoring others and helping them take shape and become better persons. 

L.T. “Leo” Bourne, an author, speaker and mentor, grew up in a small island of South Caicos. He discovered in his early 20s his gift of inspiration and leadership. He founded Open Thought, a non-profit organization created for youth development in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to give the youth a voice and an outlet to express themselves. L.T. believed creating Open Thought would inspire youth to overcome any circumstances they are facing by creating a platform that displays like-minded individuals who have risen above similar circumstance. It is a vision he carries in his heart to this very day as he is still building the outlet. Apart from his work with Open Thought, L.T. is a writer, filmmaker, speaker, and philanthropist.

He is passionate about problem-solving, collaboration and engaging young people in fighting the common threats of their environment such as violence, poverty, and abuse. L.T. shares his vision of a united community that uses love, open-thinking, and commitment to make a difference. Weaving a tapestry of his lifetime of experience, L.T. plans to inspire youth with his personal story and lessons learned about personal development, leadership, and the power of using open-thinking to live a more fulfilling life.


L.T. answered, “We just have to survive adversity so that others may be inspired.” 


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