55. Raul Villacis – Achieving Your Next Level

In this episode, Lance and Raul Villacis discuss the importance of adapting to your environment. 

After being introduced to network marketing opportunities, Raul was exposed to many high-level personal development tactics, mindset shifts, and resources for success. Amidst adversity, Raul was able to create leverage for himself through a personal reinvention, which was only made possible by sustaining a constructive mindset.

Raul Villacis started his journey in his early 20s as the founder of the largest Latino-owned real estate investment firm in Connecticut and employing over 150 people. However, with the recession in 2008, he nearly lost everything and was forced to pivot his efforts. He went on to create The Next Level Experience that helps men become better leaders in their business and community. He has published two books, Changed Agents, and Successonomics and has also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Elevated Post.

Raul tells listeners: “The moment that you realize that you have the values, you have the skills, that’s the first level – that’s when you become a leader. That’s what I call the Warrior Mode. A lot of men are stuck in the Warrior stage, being a warrior is not the end game, being a Warrior is just another stage of your life. Then it comes to a point of your life, you have to say, “Am I doing what I was born to do? Do I have a purpose?”.”


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to be adaptable to change 
  • Benefits of getting involved in network marketing
  • To constantly continue to invest in yourself

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