Alignment of Our Goals with Actions w/Lance W Essihos EP 392

Today’s episode covers the fourth ‘A’, Alignment- out of the 5 A’s in Lance’s book “Mastering Adversity – Unlocking The Warrior Within And Turn Your Biggest Struggles Into Your Greatest Gifts” which is a framework on how to move through adversity when it hits. Lance opens up about his personal journey of loss and how he dealt with them. He talks about the importance of aligning our actions with our goals. Our action steps and what we do physically at the present moment will determine how we achieve our desired goal. Listen to the episode for some powerful takeaways. 

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  • 03:54 The 4th ‘A’- What does Alignment mean?
  • 07:39 The pain of dealing with loss- shame & guilt factor
  • 12:52 Practical ways to prepare to face adversity 
  • 20:39 The importance of staying aligned with our words and actions to achieve the life we want to live


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