153. Bryan Hodgson – Turning Hard Beginnings into a Humble Life

We do not choose the life we are born into, but we can choose how to live it. Joining us today, we have The Inked Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of The ACE Initiative, Bryan Hodgson. Bryan had faced adversity at a young age with the unexpected death of his father. Upon the birth of his son, a spark was ignited within Bryan. This led to the realization that something had to change for him & his family.  Having faced failure more than once, Bryan reveals to Lance that he was ready to make the sacrifices necessary to bring a new change. Bryan has spent endless days grinding & hustling with his successful ACE Initiative showing that no matter your beginnings, you can choose the journey.


Bryan answers with, “To be a little harder & not take things to the heart.”


  • [00:03:31] Bryan’s Story
  • [00:24:30] How Bryan Developed His Strong Belief
  • [00:28:27] What Are Most People Lacking?
  • [00:30:15] What Changes Has Bryan Went Through
  • [00:40:51] The ACE Initiative & Unify

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