206. Caleb Guilliams – YOU Are Your Greatest Asset

Joining Lance is the founder/CEO of BetterWealth, author of “The AND Asset” & podcast host, Caleb Guilliams. At an early age, Caleb read every financial book he could get his hands on. At 21 years old, Caleb ran the investment department at a bank but decided he wanted to follow his passion of helping others. Caleb has assisted many people in becoming financially stable so that they can live the life they want & deserve.  This led him to create his company, BetterWealth. Being committed to showing people how to be more efficient, Caleb taught ordinary people how to control their money today while maximizing their future wealth potential. Caleb has a true passion for financial education & is on a mission to help people see & reach their highest potential.


Caleb answers with, “Don’t lose the reason why you started your mission.”


  • [00:09:58] How Do You Invest in Yourself?
  • [00:13:49] Follow Demand or Follow Passion? 
  • [00:17:52] Caleb’s Biggest, Most Impactful Struggle
  • [00:28:35] Where’s a Good Place to Invest Right Now?
  • [00:38:24] How Did Caleb’s Journey Start?

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