Dealing With Harrassment And Heckling – A Perspective On Mike Tyson’s Incident w/Lance Essihos EP 367

In this episode, Lance talks about the recent incident that happened with Mike Tyson on an airplane where a young man sitting behind him heckled and bugged him by asking constant questions to which he turned and punched him several times and left him injured. While Lance does not condone acts of violence, he also expressed his concerns about the increasing lack of respect among young people and how there are no consequences to it. 

While love is the answer, sometimes it takes a punch in the face with some people who simply cannot respect others. He stresses the importance of teaching the young generation and everybody in general on how to respect each other or face the consequences for the lack of it. 


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  • 02:21 Lance’s take on the recent Mike Tyson incident on an airplane 
  • 05:12 What drove Mike Tyson to punch the kid 
  • 07:43 This should not be taken for granted

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