Bringing Your Body And Energy Into Alignment w/Dimple Thakrar EP 342

There is a reason why Dimple Thakrar is the ‘go-to’ Alignment Coach for global brands, executives, corporations and CEOs… and that is her BS-free approach that ensures results. With 25 years of experience in helping people who are about to lose their loved ones, Dimple’s experience is built on hard earned background as a respected NHS clinician across multiple health sectors including top level Neuro Rehab management. It’s this hands-on experience that makes Dimple such an in-demand strategist; most of Dimple’s client base is the very top 0.1% in their industries; they’ve nailed finances, they’re leading huge teams, they manage massive businesses, they shoulder enormous responsibilities; the only place they are not winning is within their relationships.


  • 5:58 Growing in the art of decision making
  • 15:33 Awake your awareness of masculine and feminine energy
  • 28:04 Learning to shift the flow of energy in your body
  • 43:38 Mastering your inner critic 
  • 47:55 Trusting and understanding your intuition

🥇“What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with adversity right now”🥇

Dimple says, “When your journey begins from a place of compassion and gratitude, your flow of energy changes.”

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