84. Robert Stone – Financial Literacy and Independence

In this episode, Lance and Robert Stone talks about his journey from boxing to founding a tax preparation service company. 

Robert grew up in a broken family. He was raised by a single mom, his grandparents and was the oldest of six siblings. His childhood was dominated by the love of sports. Robert dropped out of school in grade 11 to pursue a career in trading and real estate. He took up the sport of boxing at age 30 and almost qualified for the Canadian Olympic Trials in 1996; winning a bronze medal. A few years later he qualified for the 2000 Olympics; winning a silver medal.

In 1996, he suffered a neck injury from jumping off a train. Because of this incident, he was forced to take a break from boxing and took a part time bookkeeping job. Here’s when he transitioned from boxing to a career in finance. In 2012 he partnered with a company and grew the business to 42 offices. Along the way, he suffered depression and his health deteriorated. He took three years off to recover and went on to learn more about his craft, acquired relevant licenses and relaunched his business: Mr. Taxes.ca  in 2019. 

Today, Robert is a Canadian authority on personal tax. He was the keynote presenter for CCH’s 2011 and 2012 annual Tax Roundup, part of Intuit.ca’s 2014 annual round table, Founder and CEO of MrTaxes.ca’s 42 locations and founding member of www.CTPCanada.ca; the HRSDC accredited federal tax certification course.

Robert tells listeners: “Don’t listen to naysayers. Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot make it.”


  • The basics of personal taxes, tax returns, accounting and investment
  • Best investment trends
  • Different strategies in tax breaks
  • Important tax considerations when starting a business

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