79. Brooks Briz – Finding Fulfillment in Your Vocation

In this episode, Lance and Brooks Briz talk about how to find fulfillment and contentment in the vocation you choose. 

Brooks spent the majority of his career in the hospitality industry until he woke up one day and realized that he was 25 pounds overweight, working his life away, and was deeply unhappy with his circumstances. That’s when he got into holistic wellness and realized that his success in life began with what he puts into his body, or equally as important, what he didn’t put into his body. 

His journey began when he was hospitalized and could have lost his life. He knew that there had to be a better way to improve men’s health so he chose to dedicate his life to serving others for this cause. He became a strong entrepreneurial leader, helped with the creation of restaurants, worked in marketing consultation, authored 6 books, created a nutraceutical entity, and a bike taxi company.

Today, Brooks is the founder of simplhealth.club a men’s health food company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing super greens direct to consumers. Simplhealth.club also creates digital content that is collaborating with holistic health experts to help men simplify and sustainably improve their overall wellness. 

Brooks tells listeners: “Stop thinking about yourself and start going out there to serve the community you operate.”


  • Benefits of the holistic approach to supplements
  • How to be intentional
  • Finding your passion and working on your limiting beliefs
  • Benefits of practicing gratitude

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