HOW TO BE LOVE(d) with Humble The Poet

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Welcome to the University of Adversity podcast, where we bring you inspiring stories and insights from people who have overcome significant challenges to achieve success in their lives. I’m your host, Lance Essihos, and today we have a very special guest joining us – Humble the Poet.

Humble the Poet is an author, spoken word artist, and musician who has inspired millions with his words and music. He has authored several books, including his latest release “HOW TO BE LOVE(d)”, and has performed his poetry on stages around the world. But his journey to success has not been easy.

In this episode, Humble shares with us his struggles as an immigrant artist and how he found the courage to pursue his dreams. He talks about the importance of self-love and how it helped him overcome the challenges he faced in his life. We also dive deep into his creative process and the inspiration behind his work.


  • 06:38 Decoding the process of writing a book
  • 17:35 What is Self-Love
  • 26:41 Becoming self-aware of your triggers and habit loops
  • 31:17 The power of being a listener
  • 42:10 Getting connected with Wim Hof
  • 53:28 The Ayahuasca experience


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