How to Overcome Self-Worth Issues and Attract Abundance w/ Lauren Salaun EP 416

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Welcome to the University of Adversity podcast, hosted by Lance Essihos, where we explore the stories and journeys of successful individuals who have faced adversity and overcome it to achieve their goals.

In this episode, Lance is joined by Lauren Salaun, a PR and marketing consultant, healthy lifestyle expert, media personality, and entrepreneur. Together, they dive into a range of topics, including self-worth, magnetism, and being the person you want to be. Lance and Lauren’s engaging conversation is filled with valuable insights and perspectives, and will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to tackle your own challenges. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this thought-provoking episode of University of Adversity with Lauren Lauren Salaun.


  • 05:57 Where it all began…
  • 14:40 What happens when parents try to live out their dreams through their children
  • 28:51 The secret to Self-Worth
  • 44:29 Stop being addicted to the “Healing Experience”
  • 53:42 The path to becoming a Magentic Person
  • 1:11:19 Let’s be honest, do you really show up authentically?


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