How To Spark A Personal Awakening w/Mark Groves EP 395

Mark Groves is a Human Connection Specialist — which is basically just a fancy way of saying he is an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach. Mark is the founder of Create the Love, Create the Love Cards and co-founder of Mine’d, the world’s first emotional network. His purpose is to help individuals step into their most authentic, effective, loving selves by way of a little bit of tough love and no-BS relationship guidance.

On today’s episode, Mark shares the journey of his awakening that finally caused him to take a step back and realize that history was repeating itself. The world was falling into propaganda from the media and government. He stopped to ask questions and felt the huge pushback from it but this only propelled him to be a voice of truth. Listen in till the end. This could be the inspiration you need.


  • 07:14 When to speak up against the craziness
  • 32:05 How to deal with pushback from the public
  • 47:42 Leaving pharma to get into relationship development
  • 53:28 How to break unhealthy patterns in relationships
  • 1:01:47 Take this one thing away with you

🥇“What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with adversity right now”🥇

Mark says, “An awakening is when you pause, step away from the craziness of life and ask the important questions.”


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