Cocaine Cowboy to Narco Mindset w/Jorge Valdes, Ph.D EP 345

Dr. Jorge L. Valdes was recently featured in the Netflix docu-series: Cocaine Cowboys, Kings of Miami. As a young man in his twenties with an insatiable thirst for money and power, Jorge Valdés was a founding member of a group that became known as Colombia’s Medellin Drug Cartel. Dr. Jorge Valdes uses his Narco Mindset not only to tell his story of a drug lord who found redemption but uses his life to shed light on the life principles and decisions he made. 

The lessons he learned the hard way will challenge you to stop, listen and reflect on your life, inspiring you to act on that reflection, as you discover hope, passion, meaning, and what is truly important in life. Dr. Jorge shows us how to walk on the right principle and stand on them throughout everything. Dr. Jorge Valdés has created the Narco Mindset Academy, A monthly membership program focusing on helping others build what Dr. Valdes calls the Ultimate Narco Mindset.

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  • 6:41 What is the Narco Mindset?
  • 12:39 Learning how to change failures into opportunities
  • 20:13 Having the conviction to stand on your principles 
  • 31:55 How to brave the face of death
  • 40:54 Practicing how to build the right mindset 

🥇“What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with adversity right now”🥇

Dr.Jorge says, “Develop a mindset that looks at failures as great opportunities.”

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