74. Brittney De Paola – Keeping the Hustle and Creativity

In this episode, Lance and Brittney De Paola dive into the nit and grit of Event Management that taught her the lessons and struggles of working with difficult people, building her own brand, and keeping up with the latest trends.

Brittney went to university and took up Communications and Event Management. After getting out of college, she had a hard time getting a job and end up doing an internship for 8 months with one of the top wedding planners in Toronto. She then started Inspire Event Rental & Design, renting out wedding decor. On the first few years of her business, she experienced depression, fell ill, and was in a car accident because of overwork and fatigue.

Brittney is now the Creative Director and sole Owner of Inspire Event Rental & Design an event firm known for its expertise and creative skills. Inspire is one of the only Event Firms that has to offer design & planning services, florals, destination weddings & events, workshops, & consultations while offering a luxury experience. She also speaks and hosts seminars about grit, failure, and living life unapologetically.

Brittney tells listeners: “We’re pretty unique and special. if we took ourselves and put that into a brand, we’re going to create something original.”


  • The benefits of finding an internship to grow your skill set
  • How to build a brand based on your uniqueness
  • The importance of connecting with people on the same path

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