216. Lance W Essihos & Julian Guderley – The Importance of Mentorship

In today’s episode, Lance is joined by his friend and business partner, Julian Guderley. Julian is the host of the GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast, which along with UofA was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020! Listen as the guys share some information about their Launch Your Own Podcast 8 Week Mentorship course. Without giving away too many details, Julian and Lance explain why they feel mentorship programs work so well and how effective it can be to have someone to bounce ideas off. Their 8 week mentorship program will consist of 6 modules over 90 minutes calls and 2 Q&A calls over 60 minutes.  You will receive access to exclusive videos, resources and insights from Lance & Julian. They are also creating a private Facebook group so that you’ll be able to have real time engagement with Lance, Julian and the other members of the group! 


Podcasting is a lot of work and it gets a lot easier when you get help from someone.


  • [00:03:15] Insight On The Podcast Mentorship Course
  • [00:12:06] Why Is Small Mentorship So Effective?
  • [00:28:13] One Thing Julian & Lance Wished They Knew In The Beginning

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