Let Love In: Healing from Sexual Abuse Trauma with Jake Kauffman | University of Adversity EP 418

Today we sit down again with Jake Kauffman, a spiritual guide and life coach who has dedicated his life to helping men heal from their past traumas. In this powerful episode, Jake shares his personal journey of sexual abuse trauma and how he turned his pain into purpose by becoming a powerful coach.

Jake’s new book, Let Love In, is a powerful guide to help survivors of sexual abuse trauma heal and learn to love again. In this conversation, we explore the important topic of sexual trauma and how it affects individuals, and provide practical tools to help survivors on their healing journey.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual abuse trauma, this episode is a must-watch. Let Jake’s powerful story and insights inspire you to let love in and start healing. And don’t forget to check out his book, Let Love In, for even more guidance and support

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Jake’s previous episode on UofA: https://podcasts.apple.com/in/podcast/university-of-adversity/id1440306226?i=1000590842025 

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