115. Shawn Harper- The Secret of Overcoming Adversity through Sports and Winning Edge Strategy

In this episode, Shawn briefly talked about his 7-year career as a Pro Athlete NFL Offensive Lineman, and the journey of obstacles he faced in achieving this life goal. His childhood was marked with poverty, coupled with several health conditions such as stuttering, and battling drugs & alcohol addictions.  Through the power of Manifestation, Shawn continued to expand his experiences as an inspiring motivational speaker and Author.  In 2004, Shawn launched his company American Services Protection; a multi-million dollar security services firm based in Columbus, Ohio.  His talents have expanded from the field of sports to the corporate boardroom, which takes immense focus and work ethic!  Shawn coined the term “Winning Edge”, which is the name of his book.  Join me on a powerful journey as we discover what it takes to win the game and in your life!


Shawn answered, “Adversity is not just on the path of winning, Adversity is a part of winning.” 


🔥 [00:06:38] Secret of Focus

🔥 [00:12:35] Winners by birth

🔥 [00:20:30] Learning adversity from sports

🔥 [00:23:40] Winning edge strategy

🔥 [00:30:15] What is a paradigm

🔥 [00:35:55] What is Adversity

🔥 [00:37:35] Where to find Shawn

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