What I Learned From FAILURE, NEGATIVITY & LAW OF ATTRACTION. Q&A w/Lance W Essihos EP 361

Thanks for sending in your questions. Today at the University of Adversity, Lance responds to many of the questions sent by his audience. He discusses topics around our state of mind, taking control of our lives, and especially comments on the recent Oscar award incident related to Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Lance shares stories of personal failure and how to overcome it. He talks about the impact of the choices we make in our daily lives and how that affects our whole being. We can choose to stay negative about things that happened learn from them and move on. 


  • 01:24 Why Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars 
  • 9:39 How to overcome failure 
  • 20:24 Understand how the law of attraction works in your life 
  • 27:02 How to become the best version of yourself
  • 33:07 The reason people get stuck in the negatives of life

πŸ₯‡β€œWhat advice do you have for someone who is struggling with adversity right now”πŸ₯‡

Lance says, ” Failing does not equate to failure. It is not a stopping point, but a catalyst to greatness because it gives you the opportunity to get better.”

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