How To Achieve Awesome Health And Wellbeing By Fixing Your Digestion w/Wade Lightheart EP 299

Joining Lance today is Wade Lightheart, 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition and, founder of the Prosperity & Health Alliance. He began his journey in health, fitness, and spiritual awakening at 15 when faced with his sister’s terminal illness. It was at this time he began lifting weights, studying nutrition, and looking for a deeper meaning to life. He then traveled to study with Physical, Financial, & Spiritual Masters from around the world. Wade has lived in ashrams, competed at the Mr. Universe as a drug-free vegetarian, wrote several books, and co-founded a nutrition company. Today, he is frequently featured online as a guest expert,  and as a keynote speaker at health and wellness seminars around the globe. One of his greatest passions is to serve as an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute – fighting the very disease that took his sister’s life.  


  • [00:05:34] How Wade lost his sister to cancer
  • [00:17:44] Hitting rock bottom before his spiritual awakening
  • [00:32:20] Finding the deeper purpose of life through spiritual habits
  • [00:35:15] Our innate universal design for us to want to help others and do good
  • [00:42:36] The process of digesting food and how it impacts our health


Wade says, β€œIt is the becoming – the development of our skills and abilities. It is like developing from an acorn to an oak tree.”

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