Taking The Leap w/Tiffany Toombs EP 263

Joining Lance we have Tiffany Toombs who has experienced firsthand what it is like to feel stuck and lost in life. This experience allows her to coach from a deeply personal place, from a place of being broken wide open and diving in to sort out the pieces.  Her breaking wide open moment came at 28 when she was faced with a cheating boyfriend, a miscarriage, and thoughts of ending it. Stuck in layers and layers of moving, it took her a long time to realize she had to stop and love herself enough to begin to put the pieces back together. 


  • [00:04:02] Tiffany’s Take on 2020 So Far
  • [00:15:38] Cancel Culture, American Media, and Donald Trump
  • [00:23:51] Opening Your Mind To Different Opinions
  • [00:29:47] Anti-Sex Trafficking & Integrity
  • [00:42:30] Why We Need To Address Our Trauma


Tiffany says, “Whatever mountain there is in your life, you can overcome it by finding the right people and right resources.”

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