How to Clean Up Your Life and Believe In Your Worth w/Shantih Ma EP 284

Happy Holidays UOFA Listeners! Joining Lance is Shantih Ma, a fellow podcaster and writer who promotes self-empowerment through personal responsibility, accountability, and humility. She shares daily insights on social media to empower others to look within, think for themselves, develop self-love, confidence, as well as tolerance, and acceptance for others. Shantih has spent time living in Northern India where she studied yoga and eastern philosophy which is at the heart of her work. She is currently writing her first book, “The House of Self: How To Clean Up Your Life and Believe In Your Worth” set to release in the late spring/early summer of 2021. 


[00:06:39] Shantih’s Upbringing and Impactful Struggles

[00:13:58] Unpacking Self-Sabotage

[00:40:18] Making Hard Changes To Better Ourselves

[00:56:34] Understanding The Depth of Healing Energy and Ayahuasca

[01:11:41] Reflecting on 2020 and Exploring Our Rights Within COVID


Shantih says, β€œNo matter how many times you fall down, you get better each time at picking yourself up back again.”

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