Trauma, Addiction and Identifying Sexual Behaviour w/Stefanos Sifandos EP 285

Happy New Year University of Adversity listeners and subscribers! Sitting with Lance for 2021’s first addition to UOFA, relationship specialist, author, international speaker, men and women’s mentor, masculine and feminine educator, Stefanos Sifandos brings his expertise to the show. Through his personal experiences, learning from many masters along the way, deeply examining his own masculinity and social constructs of what it means to be a man in contemporary times, Stefanos Sifandos set himself on a quest to free the hearts of men.


[00:04:01] Stefanos’ Background and Exploring Trauma Therapy

[00:10:56] Rock Bottom And Self Revelations About Change

[00:18:22] Western Society and Sexuality

[00:28:19] The Effects of Porn Addiction

[00:37:23] Would You Stay Motivated If You Were Immortal?


Stefanos says, “Be willing to go to the places that are uncomfortable.”

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