Awareness Building in facing Adversity w/Lance W Essihos EP 389

As a continuation of the last episode, Lance covered some important topics related to his new book – “Mastering Adversity – Unlocking The Warrior Within And Turn Your Biggest Struggles Into Your Greatest Gifts”. Take the quiz for free to identify behaviors that show up at times of adversity to make better decisions moving forward.

Lance explains the first A which is ‘Awareness’ out of the 5 A’s in dealing with adversity that he mentioned in the book. He spoke about how we need to be aware of our thoughts and feelings whether in good or bad situations and allow ourselves to go through the process. He then mentioned how prone we are to get distracted in order to avoid dealing with our problems or discomforts. The antidote to being a distractor is presence- being completely present. Listen to this powerful episode to discover more!

Mastering Adversity releases on September 21. Stay tuned!

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  • 01:06 Why you should take the Warrior quiz
  • 03:43 Why is Awareness so important in dealing with Adversity?
  • 07:43 How we let ‘Distractions’ take control over our lives
  • 15:09 What to do when we fall into the distractor mode
  • 22:15 Who is a ‘Fixer’?


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