Mastering Adversity: The Journey of Writing My Book w/Lance W Essihos EP 388

On today’s episode, Lance talks about his new book launch, “Mastering Adversity – Unlocking The Warrior Within And Turn Your Biggest Struggles Into Your Greatest Gifts”. He shares powerful experiences that he had through the process of writing this, never believing that he would write a book and realizing all the self-belief that it takes. Everyone has a story to tell that is worth sharing, and through the ups and downs of life we build out our personal stories.

Lance has also prepared a quiz based on the themes of the book that will help you identify where you are showing up and help you in making better decisions. If you are doubting yourself about anything or going through adversity, this episode will help you see a different perspective.

Mastering Adversity releases on September 21. Stay tuned!

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  • 03:01 What it takes to write a book 
  • 09:15 Raising $10k through crowdfunding for marketing the book
  • 13:53 The main takeaways from Mastering Adversity
  • 19:45 How to turn ideas and concepts into a book 
  • 34:54 Advice for people who are going through adversity 


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