89. Shari Teigman – Away from the Safezone and into the Maverick Life

In this episode, Lance and Shari Teigman talk about stepping away from the comfort and safety of everyday life and set out on an adventure to find the maverick in us. 

Shari found herself unhappy one day despite being married, having two kids and living a Stepford Wife kind of life. Her transition from an unhappy mom to an empowered woman was not easy at first but it all came down to her choosing to start to move, walk, and dream even if she had no idea where she was going, other than the fact that she craved for change in her life. She has studied social work, art therapy, and completed a year long life coach training in Mentor Masterclass with Jeannine Yoder. She is also a certified yoga teacher and a multimedia artist who works with decoupage, mosaics and paint, interior design as well as a makeup artist. In over 2 years, she had grown her business in her own terms with her strengths and big dreams as the drivers.

Today, Shari Teigman is a mindset coach, chief instigator of change and creative business strategist. She is now hosting her own podcast “Mavericks in Motion Podcast” that has the goal of helping people find their own purpose and their inner mavericks.

Shari tells listeners: “This is how you become a maverick – you stop looking at what everyone else is doing and start looking at yourself and ask yourself everyday: how can you surpass your own achievements and competitiveness.” 


  • How to have a better perspective and make better choices in life
  • Breaking down big goals into bite-sized, doable milestones
  • How to discover your gifts and strengths and use it for your growth
  • Dealing with daily and bigger adversities
  • How to summon the maverick in you

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