88. Julian Guderley – Life-Long Learning and Spiritual Growth Through World Traveling

In this episode, Lance and Julian Guderley talk about his passion for life-long learning about life, culture, diversity and spiritual growth through his travels.

Julian’s  journey started when he decided to be a radio speaker at the age of six. His passion for storytelling shaped his endeavors into becoming a digital native and global nomad, living on three continents, countless countries and learning to speak six languages. 

Traveling has taught him to be in touch with people, locals, foreigners and the natural world of diversity. His career in Marketing, Events and Media production is being fuelled by this diversity and natural abundance.

Today, Julian Guderley makes videos and hosts interviews that help listeners live the life their Soul desires. He hosts video Interviews with artists, spiritual teachers, authors and social impact creators on making Planet Earth worth living on. He is also the man behind Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast that showcases and highlights the world’s most impactful drivers of Social Change. He believes that when all individuals are encouraged and empowered through economics and social values to display and express their true uniqueness – a NEW EARTH – becomes possible.  

Julian tells listeners: ”When you do the right thing and you believe in what you do, you can totally succeed without a single issue showing up.”


  • Adversities brought out by world travel
  • Impact of submerging into different cultures and diversity
  • How to tap into your inner voice
  • How to start your spiritual journey
  • Basics of Kundalini Yoga

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