130. Brandon Sulser- The Choice to Fight and Having Faith

Not a lot of people know adversity quite as well as the guest in this episode. Joining us, we have a man who has endured four near-death experiences in his lifetime. A bike accident at twelve, a cervical fracture at eighteen, an ATV accident at twenty-nine, and a head-on car collision at thirty-four, Brandon Sulser. Brandon shares with Lance his story of medical adversity with his four close calls with death, his faith in God, and how he strives to share his story to empower and inspire thousands of people finding the beauty in life, despite its turmoils. Brandon discusses each of his accidents in length and describing in detail what he felt in his moments of near-death. A powerful and moving story, Brandon’s tale is one of strength, faith, courage, and perseverance. Brandon shares the value of his book, “We Are All Paralyzed”, and how we are all paralyzed by bad circumstances or illnesses in any walk of life. 


Brandon self reflects and says, 

“We have the free agency to decide in every situation we’re in.”


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