31. Balazs W Kardos – Building Wealth & Prosperity for Personal Freedom

Balazs W Kardos is the CEO and Founder of the Global Prosperity Movement. In the past 6 years, he has been able to impact tens of thousands of people’s lives by helping over 1,000 people quit their jobs, and over 150 people in his company earning $250,000 to $500,000 per year with his systems and training.

Balazs shares his story of adversity starting from having to immigrate from Hungary with his family for better opportunities. There were many moments that shaped Balazs’ life into who he is today, at a young age he remembers building a resentment against money in the way it had impacted family negatively without it. As a result, he saw arguments and ultimately, his family breaking apart. As Balazs grew older, he turned that resentment into motivation to make money so that his family would not have to feel those kind of negative financial impacts anymore. 

Balazs also shares that another pivotal moment in his life was the death of his father which impacted him very deeply. He shares many memories of his father that he sees as motivation for his work today. 

He truly believes that you are the writer of your own story and you also have the ability to completely change your future and reshape where you want to go. 

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