123. David Woods Bartley- Care, Self-Love, Self-Reflection, Opening the Doors on Mental Illness

Mental health is always a sensitive subject in today’s society, something our guest understands too well. Joining us in this episode, we have the captivating mental health speaker, animal lover and certified mental health aid, David Bartley. When his attempt to end his life was stopped by a passing stranger, David was able to find the strength within himself to navigate his isolation and find himself in a more inclusive headspace. David shares his battle with depression for more than 40 years while sharing his views on how we handle mental health in this day in age. Giving over 200 presentations across the country, David is also a member of many alliances that help youth and adults worldwide with mental health.


David states, “You are not going to wake up one day and automatically be well. Create a self care plan.”


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