119. Drew Manning- Discover How To Transform Your Mind, Your Health, and Reclaim Your Body with Drew Manning

In today’s transformative episode, we meet a New York Best Sellers author, health and fitness professional, and the man who went Fit2Fat2Fit, Drew Manning. Drew wanted a better understanding of the struggle of his clients who might’ve lived their whole lives overweight, while Drew was raised in an athletic environment. Drew lost gained and lost 75 pounds in a year, a challenge he proudly does not regret. Drew embodies his brand to bring more empathy to the fitness industry, something he took as a valuable lesson from his journey. Join Drew, as he shares stories of his growth, heartbreaks in life, and explains the history of the Keto diet.


Drew humbly answers, “If you don’t take that time to just sit back and reflect on life, you don’t show up as the best version of yourself.”


  •  [00:03:08]  Who is Drew Manning
  •  [00:05:06]  Body Image and Self Image
  •  [00:11:31]  The History and Science of Keto
  •  [00:19:04]  Divorce and Growth
  •  [00:25]36]  Challenges with Lifestyle Changes

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