118. Whitney Miller- Understanding the Science of Intimacy and Living your Truth

Steaming things up in this episode, we have former Miss United States and sports anchor, Whitney Miller. Whitney found her true calling helping individuals and couples as a love, sex and relationship coach. Her experiential journey to self-mastery started 7 years ago when she entered into a well publicized open relationship with her now ex, Aubrey Marcus. Whitney has since joined forces with some of the leading scientists and researchers in the field, and now hosts talks and workshops around the world. She believes that there are always ways to create more love, better sex, and healthier, happier relationships.

Whitney expresses, “Start to be curious and ask, “Why does this come up within me?” then let yourself learn more about you, through this situation and I guarantee you will live a happier life.”


  • [00:03:15] Backstory of a beauty queen athlete
  • [00:11:00] Authenticity in social media, self reflection and dealing with online hate
  • [00:16:30] Open relationships and myths surrounding them
  • [00:28:00] Exploring psychedelics
  • [00:35:00] Relationship Transition of Aubrey Marcus and Whitney Miller
  • [00:36:30] Story behind True Sex & Wild Love Podcast
  • [00:40:50] Lessons learned through podcasting
  • [00:48:21] Whitney’s line in the sand moment

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