86. Ben Gothard – Exponential Growth in Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Lance and Ben Gothard talk about his journey of ups and downs, mistakes and growth in entrepreneurship.

Ben’s journey in entrepreneurship started back in 2014 when he was a sophomore college student. After marketing a law firm for his father and a t-shirt business for his roommate, he had a bright idea to build his own social media marketing company.  In 2016, he created Project EGG that has the sole purpose of facilitating the sharing of knowledge between the experts who have found success and beginners who are trying their hardest to find it. Since then Project EGG have grown to a strong 600+ member community that is growing every single day. In 2018, he rebranded and relaunched the social media marketing arm of Gothard Enterprises as Apexx Ventures.

To date, Ben has published 10 books, starting with his first book titled “CEO at 20: A Little Book for Big Dreams”. He has also produced hundreds of videos about entrepreneurship and personal development on Youtube, created an extremely high-end course on How to Build a Content Empire, built multiple revenue-generating e-commerce businesses, and helped hundreds of businesses with their social media marketing…all at the age of 24.

Ben tells listeners: “Take the long term approach in every area of your life and think about the long term implications of your actions.”


  • How to handle hardships in start-up companies
  • The importance of finding your inner circle and mentors
  • Other sources of income online
  • How to deal with low points in life

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