87. Jacqui Sive – How to Find Your Spiritual Woo

In this episode, Lance and Jacqui Sive talk about taking the spiritual route in improving and growing in all areas of your life.

Jacqui spent over 10 years of her life trying to fit in, aiming to be “good enough” and not living her truth. She was bullied, mocked and ridiculed for being different – having an accent, being whacky and being creative and imaginative. It made her an easy target for bullying at an early age. Her life took a turn when she started studying personal development and spirituality at age 16. Since then, she has undergone spiritual and overall transformation that revealed her truth and has empowered her to do great things.

Today, Jacqui Sive has turned her pain into her message. She is now a spiritual entrepreneur, a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programmer and Life Coach. Best known for her perfect balance of WOO and STRATEGY that she mixes in everything she offers. Her life experiences and overcoming adversity has taught her the absolute power of having a positive mindset and an aligned energy that allows her to stand in her truth and teach others to do the same.

Jacqui tells listeners: “You’re the only one who has the full responsibility to change your life.”


  • 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe
  • Power of strong morning rituals and gratitude
  • How to shift your vibration to align with your purpose
  • How to develop your intuition

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