178. Frank King – Comedy and Mental Illness, Inspiring Audiences to Heal

According to Canadian statistics, there are approximately 4,000 suicides per year in Canada. As society evolves and changes, so do our responses to mental health. Today’s featured guest, Lance and listeners are joined by mental health comedian, public speaker, keynote speaker, TED X speaker, trainer on emotional health, Frank King. Open and vulnerable, Frank is nothing short of witty and humorous with his views on mental health as he opens up about his history with major depressive disorder and his own attempts, the mental illness impact on the comedy industry, how public speaking became a healing tool, self-care, and his thoughts on medicine.


Frank naturally responds with a joke, but shares: “It’s all about the everyday struggle. Sometimes you can’t even get out of bed. I’ve learned to make deals with myself and see how I end up doing far more than I could imagine.”


  • [00:11:11] Frank’s History with Mental Illness
  • [00:22:27] Frank Shares His Story of Surviving an Attempt
  • [00:27:02] Public Speaking & Healing
  • [00:29:37] Self-Care For The Mind
  • [00:33:53] Medicine & Mental Illness 

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