94. Lindsey Elmore – How to be Holistically Healthy using Alternative Medicine

In this episode, Lance and Lindsey Elmore talk about how adversity affects a person’s health and wellness; and how Aromatherapy can help alleviate negativity and boost overall wellness. 

Lindsey Elmore grew up in Birmingham , Alabama and completed her undergraduate degree in Alabama, then attended Pharmacy School in San Francisco. She had undergone 2 years of postdoctoral, specializing in outpatient Pharmacy Management. She is also a chemist and a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist.

During her first year in school she accidentally tore her ACL which led her to non-conventional (western) medicine; this opened up to a new world of alternative healing and wellness, and finally to essential oils. Lindsey is very passionate about sharing and teaching people regarding natural supplements and natural wellness approaches that are backed with proven data. 


Lindsey answered, “Be yourself. Be so relentless. Be true to your heart, don’t let anybody sway you from that. Be true to yourself” 


● [00:09:10] Overcome adversity by doing things one step at a time, even when you are afraid of them

● [00:18:00] Daily decisions impact your overall health 

● [00:21:25] How obstacles become the way 

● [00:25:25] Using self care to be more in tune with yourself

  • [00:34:20] Learning more about Essential oils with a critical eye

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