106. Ben Angel – How to Become Unstoppable

In this episode, Lance and Ben Angel talk about how mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression are triggered by unheatlhy eating, lifestyle and by food allergies. Ben, specifically shared his experience with coffee and how it impacted him in a negative way when he drank it. Ben also discussed deep sleep, he explained how important sleep is to our bodies and shared situations on how our bodies react when our mind does not get enough deep sleep. 

Ben Angel, is a best-selling author and is Australia’s leading authority in the marketing industry. He founded benangel.co, a site dedicated to providing entrepreneurs advanced online marketing course and education that is easy-to-apply and easy-to-understand strategies for reaching our customers. In his latest book, he chronicles his journey to overcome a debilitating bought with fatigue that threatened to end his career and irreparably affect the quality of his life. As he searched for some answers to the cause of this mysterious exhaustion, doctors were unable to get to the root of his problem, and came to the frustrating conclusion “You are tired, because you are depressed”, while Angel’s thoughts were just the opposite. He was depressed because he was always tired. Clearly he knew he needed to be proactive in looking in a different direction if he was going to find a way back to good health. The results of his quest comprise the basis for Unstoppable.


Ben answered, “We should always have a clear identity of who we are.” 


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