107. Liz Garcia- How to Achieve a Higher Consciousness

In this episode, Lance and Liz Garcia discussed the importance of understanding your own consciousness and how one can do that by means of meditation or self awareness or by contemplation. Liz explained that by removing our inner blockages , a person may achieve a certain level of consciousness which in turn can help attain inner peace and happiness.   

Liz Garcia is a transformational leader, inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher of consciousness and founder of Trumpeter of Truth. Through all the adversities she had gone through; Liz mission and intentions is to assist in the effort to reduce human suffering at all levels of consciousness. She now shares this pioneering consciousness research accessible, fun and easy to understand — to inspire others to learn how to be happy, within the context of understanding levels of consciousness and where the true power and true happiness truly exists. 


Liz answered, “When you are on the edge of lunacy or death, life is worth living” 


  • [00:19:20] Confronting the darkness
  • [00:20:40] Dr. David R. Hawkings, Consciousness calibrations to the light 
  • [00:30:40] Your consciousness dictates your power 
  • [00:40:10] Swinging from high to low
  • [00:53:30] Measurement of consciousness
  • [00:56:05] What is contemplation and living prayer
  • [01:00:00] What is inner block
  • [01:10:42] Where to find Liz Garcia (social media)
  • [01:11:15] levels of consciousness 

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