91. Karen Salmansohn – How to Create Instant Calm and Maximize Creativity

In this episode, Lance and Karen Salmansohn talk about finding time in your daily life to meditate and focus on your inner peace and health. As well as the importance of being in the present and in a state of calmness – to help our overall health, creativity and productivity in our lives.

Karen’s career started as a stressed-out advertising Senior VP and award-winning designer.  After leaving her leading career in the advertising industry, Karen stepped out as a successful writer and designer of books. Writing and publishing her first novel called “50% OFF that was almost made into a movie. She moved to LA and began writing a variety of funny sitcom scripts and movie scripts. After years of working in the TV and film industries, she went back to her love of writing books. 

Today, Karen is a healthy living expert, best-selling author, and longevity research geek. She became a multi-best-selling author, having sold over 2 million copies of her books internationally and has gained a loyal following of almost 2 million people. Having studied Yoga and Meditation at ISHTA Yoga, Karen uses her knowledge to teach everyday people how to live a stress-free life with ideas found in her latest book ‘Instant Calm’.

Karen tells listeners: “Adversity doesn’t have to bring you to someplace better. You have to make it a mindful choice. You have to have the right attitude, be awake, not have addictions and surround yourself with great people.”


  • The benefits of meditation and yoga
  • Ways to get into and insert meditation into our daily life
  • The link between inner peace and calmness with meditation
  • How to achieve the state of calmness through daily activities
  • How to find your “Why Power”

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