92. Jose Flores – Possibilities Beyond Disability and Limiting Beliefs

In this episode, Lance and Jose Flores talk about his struggle and triumph over his disability and limiting beliefs.

Jose was born and raised in Bronx, New York. He was diagnosed early in his childhood with spinal-muscular atrophy that weakens the muscles the older one gets. The sickness started to slowly progress over the years until he eventually lost his ability to walk at 22 years old. He worked for corporate America when he moved to Florida for awhile.  His journey to motivational speaking started when one day, he wondered  if there is more to life than being on a wheelchair, working a 9 to 5 job.

Today, Jose Flores an International Speaker, Motivator and Author that travels all over the world using his unique story of growing up with a physical disability and ending up in a wheelchair, along with the struggles & mindset associated with it, to get people outside of their comfort zones and to think outside of the box. He educates, inspires and motivates individuals to strengthen their mental toughness and to develop into indispensable leaders by connecting with them, touching their hearts and giving them a fresh perspective.  Jose has spoken to thousands of people all over the world, showing them how to maximize their full potential. Most recently being featured on FOX, NBC, ABC, & CBS, as well as the TBN Network. Jose is also a contributor to Entrepreneur, Addicted 2 Success, Thrive Global, and The Goodmen Project.

Jose tells listeners: “Being grateful for the moment right now, and not waiting to appreciate it when it’s gone is the most important thing.”


  • Limiting beliefs that hinders personal growth
  • The struggles and coping mechanism for physical disability
  • The power of right mindset
  • The human’s ability to change and adapt

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