204. Jonathon Aslay – Using Gratitude as Your Pathway

Today, Lance is joined by Jonathon Aslay, one of America’s leading mid-life dating & relationship coaches, defender & protector of women’s hearts & author of Amazon’s #1 new release, “What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway?” After losing his 19 year old son in 2018, Jonathon decided that he was going to deal with his grief through love. Lance & Jonathon chat about how we’re living in a “swipe culture” due to dating apps. Ultimately, as you will hear, Jonathon believes that no matter if you’ve been swiped left or swiped right, be grateful. Be sure to listen to the end to hear the secrets on what women really want!


Jonathon answers with, “Just keep moving forward.  Everything is going to be ok.”


  • [00:05:26] Has COVID-19 Affected Jonathon?
  • [00:10:37] How Did Jonathon Create Hope Again?
  • [00:26:27] What Do Women Want?
  • [00:36:15] The #1 Emotional Health Issue
  • [00:38:32] What Are Men Doing Wrong?

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