76. Melonie DeRose – Learning and Taking On Risks

In this episode, Lance and Melonie DeRose discuss her struggles and triumphs from being a Corporate Securities Lawyer to an Entrepreneur of a Consumer Packaged Food. 

Melonie grew up in Lubbock, Texas, left for college to study at UCLA, and went to the University of Texas School of Law. When she finally worked for an international law firm, she found out that her passion for her work was dwindling due to workload and stress. She questioned her priorities when she was pregnant with her second daughter and she slipped and fell in the parking lot. Melonie was faced with the thoughts of being a  bad lawyer, a bad mom, and a bad spouse on a day to day basis so she decided to go and  take a chance, step out and launch a health and fitness company for women. Her entrepreneurial journey started with an in-home DVD program, then gravitated towards producing nutrition plans.

Today, Melonie is the Founder and Owner of Empact LLC that produces Empact Bars. Her company takes the guesswork out of healthy, tasty snacking. The mission is simple: be a catalyst for women to live fit and healthy lifestyles by providing superior snack options.

Melonie DeRose tells listeners: “With those challenges – those oh shit moments – a door is always open and would’ve never been there had we not had that challenge.”


  • Taking on risks for pursuits you are passionate about
  • You can make great things happen with the right mindset
  • Healthy snacking and best ingredients for health

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