77. Jason Long – Taking Full Responsibility of Your Life

In this episode, Lance and Jason Long talk about how adversity taught him how to take full responsibility of his life, and in turn, inspire thousands to follow in his footsteps to success. 

Jason grew up as an obese insecure kid in an obese family. This was the reason why he pursued a career in health and wellness and became successful in his field. But he has undergone adversity and lost it all, not once but twice over. Then one day, a friend had the courage to say the most hurtful things to him — “you’re just fat, lazy, and irresponsible.” What felt like the worst sucker punch, ended with a quote that totally changed everything. Personal Development Master, Jim Rohn once said, “For Things To Change, YOU Must Change” and from that day forward, his life would never be the same.

With three degrees, 18 certifications in fitness, nutrition, and business coaching, along with his life-long battle developing his own healthy lifestyle, Jason’s personal journey gives him the foundation to passionately and empathetically coach anyone looking to change their habits and live their best life ever. As a Fit Pro Coach with over 4000 clients worldwide, Jason has become one of the most highly sought-after mentors for fitness and wellness professionals in all aspects of the industry. His candid and deeply vulnerable approach is quite infectious, but his incredible passion for empowering others to find their authentic voice and vision has made him invaluable as a leader in the personal development arena.

Jason tells listeners: “It has nothing to do with excuses,  but it has everything to do with your own personal responsibility and what you do with that.”


  • How to cut the excuses and take action
  • Reshaping your mindset to better serve your goals
  • Habits that you can adopt to be successful

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