108. Matt Belair- Mastering the Mind, Body and Spirit with Matt Belair

In this episode, Lance and Matt Belair talk about how inner peace and positive living can change one’s consciousness and persona. Matt discussed that through visualization and the right catalyst, it can help achieve whatever you aspire thus becoming better at what you do.  He shared that failure shouldn’t make you quit your goals, failure should become your stepping stone to become better and better on things that you do.

Matthew Belair is a best-selling author, coach, athlete, world traveler, and host of the Master Mind, Body and Spirit Show that has reached #1 in iTunes in Health in 7 countries.  He is a seeker of knowledge who relentlessly pursues mastery within himself. Matt has trekked mount Everest, trained with 34th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Masters in China, meditated with monks in Nepal, and taught snowboarding around the world just to name a few of the remarkable things he has done.  

He is the best selling author of Zen Athlete: A Guide to Self-Mastery. The book goes far beyond peak performance and flow state.  He aims to popularize the mental game of athletics, redefine sports culture and what it means to be a winner.


Matt answered, “Chose something meaningful and persevere because failure is not permanent” 


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