161. Mimi Bouchard – Transforming & Developing Your Goals, Mission and Soul Purpose

We all want to feel like our existence matters and that we’re making an impact, we’re human, and our guest personally made it her mission to make sure she made a loud and meaningful impact. Joining us for a unique podcast episode, we have the young but wise creator of the “Mimibee Brand”, podcast host of MimiBee Podcast and entrepreneur, Mimi Bouchard. Mimi and Lance dive into the importance of personal development, explore the struggles of entrepreneurship, and how Mimi “levelled up” in her field. Mimi shares her online course “Influencer Academy”, exploring her ideal day with Lance, and offering insights about her podcasting experience with influential guests. Keep your eyes peeled for the live interview as well as Mimi’s episode featuring Lance Essihos.


Mimi answers with, “You, at the end of the day, have control, even if you don’t think you do, even if you feel helpless, you have control.”


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