187. Rob Imbeault – Reprogramming with Plant Medicine

Are you ready for a powerful episode? Our guest has gone from growing up poor to sleeping on the streets to being a recipient of the 2010 Business Journal Forty Under 40 award. Joining listeners & Lance we have a successful entrepreneur & author, Rob Imbeault. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, Rob spent five years binging on alcohol & drugs & was determined to end his life. Listen intently to learn about the origins of his book, how it gave him the courage to get better, and ultimately helped create an abundant life for him & his family.


Rob answers with “You should treat yourself as you would treat the person you love the most.”


  • [00:07:09] Rob’s Take on COVID-19
  • [00:22:47] Plant Medicine Experience
  • [00:27:36] Rob’s Backstory 
  • [00:54:36] What Happened to Make Rob Get Better?
  • [01:07:50] Micro Dosing with LSD vs. Micro Dosing with Psilocybin

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